Is a Lancaster based Support Group whose interests and activities are ‘concerned’ with people in Lancaster Morecambe and District, who have coronary heart disease or other heart conditions.

Coronary heart disease is the cause of 150,000 (26%) of deaths in the UK. Less well known is the fact that an equal number of people survive and are admitted to hospital for treatment. The Coronary Care Unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary admits over 800 victims of heart attack each year. Following treatment and care by specialist doctors and nurses the patient is discharged from hospital and encouraged to return to a full and active life as soon as possible.  


Provide opportunity for social contact between people with heart disease.

 Encourage people with heart disease to interact as a group and to develop new and lasting friendships.

Offer mutual support and assistance to heart disease sufferers, their carers and families.

Arrange a varied programme of meetings and social events that cover heart related topics and topics of everyday interest and allow for healthy discussion.

Raise funds towards the purchase of equipment for the Coronary Care Unit, for the benefit of other cardiac patients at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and for the after care of patients following their discharge.

Keep members informed of current developments in cardiac care and to distribute relevant literature. Liaise with and maintain strong links with all Health Care Professionals.